Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Of Regrets and One

Things you should have heard but never will:

Tell me the truth and tell me now. Tell me in his eyes you see a little black haired girl with blue eyes that is more stubborn than her mom looking back.

Tell me that I don’t matter in your mind. I take no space between lobes. And the grandeur of it all is one sided.

Tell me that ten years nearly to the day we see each other and I tell you these things; In every movie she is you. When someone says the word love I see your face, I feel your skin. Ten years and my life in ruins, without hope of wholeness until I see you again. Ten years in an instant gone beyond light speed.

 My measuring cup that none could fill. How do I go on?  Of all the questions I want you to answer there is just one that I cannot live without an answer to. Is he your life?

Then you tell me…

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