Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On the trail

     I've made my trip up from Florida to Virginia. I could nto do it in my IH Scout II but it was a great trip none the less. With out my Scout (still being painted as I type) I got the next best thing, a Jeep. I rented a Jeep Liberty and set out from World Famous Daytona Beach to Gainesville to pick up my friend Rj.

     On the road in what did I see? A nicely restored Scout II sitting in a parking lot just off 13th Street. It was the first of four Scouts I would see on the trip up. And you know, all of them were in great condition.

     After a few mixed brews downtown we hit the road early in the AM needing to make it to Greenwood, SC by dinner time, or supper as they say in Greenwood. Taking all back roads we set out on HWY 121. Along the way we saw town after town that had at one time been a respectible place to live. Places like Waycross Ga was chalk full of wooden southern styled mansions that are today vacant and rotten. It was a real shame to see the empty buildings laying in disrepair.

     One thing each of these small southern cross roads towns had in common were the local theaters. Some theaters were up and running others were not. One town we came to had a theater still active due to its liniage. Everywhere large renderings of Laurel and Hardy plastered brinck buildings. As we drove through the one stop light town, a plaque along the road lead to a house where Oliver Hardy had lived. This place is Harlem GA

    Towns like this one dot the southern landscape. I suggest if you have the time and desire for small town adventure take a back road and see where it leads you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Flash Fiction

So I said I would be posting about my trip up from Florida to Virginia and I will update all three of you tomorrow but for today and I can't wait to let you in on my latest piece of published work in the form of flash fiction.

I recently had the honor of having a piece of flash fiction published at Powder Burn Flash Check it out and leave a comment here or on sign up at Powder Burn Flash and leave a comment there and on other great flash fiction.