Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Remember Ed Wood? Or how Indie publishing is hurting nothing.

     So I've been reading a lot of blogs linked to articles about how independent publishing is killing literature and the written word is quickly dying, chasing reality TV down the drain.  After spitting before speaking, I thought back to other "indie" movements.  Remember Ed Wood?  They used to call them "B" movies then some time in the 90's, if it was shot in black and white, it was an indie movie. Whoooaa cool.  Let's have a festival in France or the mountains of Utah to celebrate movies made outside Hollywood because they can't make a deep movie to save their plastic lives.

     Now can we say Ed Wood killed cinema?  Were no good movies made after Wood?  What about others that started out making movies in their front yard?  I'm sure plenty of names come to mind and their ridiculous movies that now only play in the middle of the night.
    Sure there will bad self published or indie published books.  And there will be great ones.  Some of the great ones will get noticed and so will a few of the bad.  As the great ones fall through the gaps of hundreds of thousands of books that get published each year, a few will get caught in the grate and plucked out.  And if not, there are still people out there that love to entertain themselves with crap.