Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Project Old Goals

     I admit when it is slow at work I plug in my flash drive and write. Lately I have been writing a lot. I started a new novella that accompanies The Five series and I decided to write a screen play for an idea that came out of some photos my friend and co-author, Jorge Sastre took.
     Our mutual friend, Jose, posed for a photo shoot and Jorge with his sick mind came up some killer (pun) shots. I told him there was a story in there and the two of us got to creating. Jorge was busy finishing photography school and didn't have time to write. I had too much time. So I wrote. Then I did nothing. Blocked.
Jorge and I doing a read through for our book trailer from The Collectors

     Last week a comic book artist, Darwyn Cooke passed away. He was 53 and had done a series of graphic novels, Parker, based on the Richard Stark (Westlake) novels about a thief named Parker. I loved his stylized art with shadow for that noir two tone shading. I was sad to hear he passed. The point I am making is this: I need to do something. Something bigger than I have done before. Something that includes my closest friends. That something would be a film. I dusted off the old script and jumped in.
    Since then I have completed almost two acts. I have also begun to do what I do best, assemble a team. I think its from watching A-Team as a kid and of course I'm Hannibal. Face when I was younger and had hair.
     This is going to be tough and grueling but it's what I want, for me and for my friends.