Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Punisher and so far I love it


    My favorite comic book hero (if Frank would even consider himself a hero) is back with a new writer and new artists. I got my grease stained fingers on issue #2 before I could get #1. I stared at the cover for two weeks with out cracking into the new book. I just had to go back to my new favorite comic shop Nerdtropolis and see if they had issue 1 yet. And it was in.
    Let me backtrack a moment. A few months ago I picked up Max Comics hardback of The Punisher. It's a good book, The Punisher as we know and love him. The thing was, it was The Punisher we know and love. I was on the hunt for Punisher Noir but no luck finding it on the shelf.
   The writer, Nathan Edmondson does a great job of breathing new life into Frank Castle while staying true to who he is and why he is doing (what we love) he does. There was great mention in there about The Avengers and the like being too busy to deal with the scum Castle chooses to deal with.
   The artwork is fantastic! Set in sunny L.A., I felt The Punisher might be a little out of place, but not at all. I especially liked the skull mask, similar to the noir book I'm looking to buy. I wont get weird into details on Frank's new looks but I like it. He's not super bulky and his slicked back hair gets in his eyes from time to time. Did I go to far?
   Great book for a deserving character. I can't wait to get my hands on #3