Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seeing Double

   Skimming movie preview websites I came across White House Down a new movie starring Channing Tatum as a Capital Police Officer who shoots the place up to protect his daughter and kill off the bad guys. It got me thinking of a similar preview I just saw, Olympus Has Fallen.
   Now this movie stars Gerad Butler as an overly trained Secret Service Agent who will kill all the bad guys while trapped in the White House. Seems very familiar.
   I bet if you spliced both these trailers together you would get the same movie. I don't know why movies with very similar plots get made and released at the same time. A couple years ago we had "No Strings Attached" then later got "Friends With Benefits" Both movies deal with a guy and girl who start out just wanting sex then realize they are in love with eachother.
   Every couple of three years this happens. Tombstone and Wyatt Earp. If we aren't getting the same movie in the same year, we are getting more recycled crap. I'm just going to stop right now before I go into the Hollywood remake laziness. I even read an article based on a rumor that Twilight was getting a re-boot. But don't puke just yet, its only a rumor.
   There are fresh ideas out there just waiting to be discovered by the right producer/director/actors. We just have to wait or do it ourselves.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Writing Crime Fiction & Sci-Fi

  With the upcoming release of my science fiction epic, The Five Episode I: Salvation's Curse, I will be delving back into the world of science fiction. I have mostly used this blog to look at crime fiction and of course my random thoughts.
  I really enjoy the two genres. My first novel, Division Six is a great mix of both crazy science fiction and a classic PI tale. I enjoyed writing that book and hope to eventually finish the series.