Monday, April 21, 2014

Movie time...get your popcorn started

    I've been keeping this under wraps of sorts because it is a slow process and I've had the dream burned before. That being said, we actually did some filming on my book, The Collectors, published by Forker Media. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun it is to be on set of a movie, let alone one based on a book you wrote.
    It all started out with my co-author, Jorge Sastre, and I meeting up with Bald Bros. Studio and developing a script. From there we scouted out locations to film and worked with the director to get the right feel of the film. We were fortunate enough to find several people willing to help. (Side note: When you tell people you wrote a book they say "that's great". When you tell them it will be a movie, they ask how they can be a part of it.)
   Filming was a blast and I got to read lines with some of the actors. We haven't finished yet, but everything is a work in progress.