Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Post Con-Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015

     Tampa Bay ComicCon was a great time and total success from just about any way I look back on it. We sold out of books, met and created great new fans of The Five as well as enhanced some friendships we already had. The atmosphere in Tampa was great. The people were way more laid back than what I have experienced at other cons especially Mega Con.
     When the doors opened in the morning, there was no mad dash but rather a slow saunter in making sure to catch every table of every vendor and artist.
Our table with me not talking

     Forker Media supplied us with a giant 8 foot tall Titainian and plenty of books to sell. The cut out was an eye catcher and people came from all over to check it out. We had two cosplayers tell us they want to try and build the suit for next year. There was also a very energetic man who insisted we make a video game. That would be great. Go ahead.
     There is nothing like meeting people who really enjoy your work to inspire you to move ahead with other projects. While in the process of selling Episode I and II to this guy, another man stepped up and thanked Forrest and I for selling him the book. He said he had started reading it the day before and loved it. The man was I selling to stared at him and I said, "This is really happening. We did not stage this, this guy is for real."
     Out of it all many lessons were learned, what we will do for the next Con and how we will do it. Best of all were the projects we were inspired to do after the con. I am currently writing three graphic novels and one manuscript. There is lots to do but I'm excited to do it.