Saturday, September 12, 2015

Next Con

    2050 Events is hosting a new convention in Daytona Beach, FL. October 30-Nov 1st and guess what? I will be there selling my latest book, The Five Episode 2 Salvation's Reign. We had such a great time at the Tampa Bay Comic Con last month that we just had to do it again. There was a lot of planning that went into that con working as well as it did. Success, I was told today, is when planning meets opportunity.  
    For me, other than selling books, I am most excited at the chance to meet Michael Biehn. He will be there to do a special screening of Aliens. Since Reese, from Terminator is a huge influence on my science fiction, I can only hope I get the chance to meet him. So now I just need to prepare to meet him so when the opportunity is there I succeed.
    After 2050 things are only going to heat up for The Five. We have meetings with a major book retailer that will launch us globally as well as a couple of media outlets that will interview my coauthor and I.
    Now begins the hard part. When book sales and signings reach that point where it becomes a second job. The dream is close, doing this full time, but not there yet.