Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting lost...on purpose

I started a new hobby. Get in the car and drive until I dont know where I am going. Hhhmm nice illusion to my life... Never the less its become a Saturday past time.
   I have traveled a lot, usually forcibly while moving from one state to the next. I have seen a lot and been lost many times. Now I find it fun. Today I set out with a friend to go south east and found ourselves North West of where we started.
   The town was quaint and happened to be having a street fair. Vendors filled the brick lined main street selling organic based products; selling plants, honey and recycled furniture. There was an orchestra set up on the steps of city hall and below artists drew with chalk on the sidewalk. I mentioned it to my traveling companion, this would be a great location to film a movie.
- True story.

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