Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quitting time

Full time writer. That is the end goal and that is what I do now. The day job went the way of video stores that did not rent porn.

The last day at the office passed with little significance in my life. I was there nearly four years with a good attendance record. I hate to miss work even when I hate my job. In the end, there was no speech, no final send off or last words. I simply clocked out and left. Sticking around isn’t really my thing. Too many times I have changed schools, towns and states to stay in touch with an expectation of more than a month or two. At least we have Facebook these days.

I had a (now former) co-worker approach me during my last week. She said, “Best week ever.” I paused from watching my coffee reheated in a microwave to ponder her statement. She was correct. I was indeed having a very good week at work. Things were moving smoothly that week, no angry students, parents, employers, nothing at all. I even completed all my work ahead of schedule. Her statement was making me nostalgic before I even left.

I left all the same.

Sitting in my 6x6 cubicle pondering my co-worker’s statement, I came to the conclusion that the best week ever was because it was my last. Nothing got to me. All the elements were there for a regular crappy week but it was my mental state, I was finally looking forward then looking back. I no longer felt stuck.

Since then I have been steadily keeping busy. The first week was filled with stuff I haven’t had much time to do, golf, fish visit family. Time for relaxing is over. The first day of the rest of my life has dawned.   

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