Monday, March 19, 2012

Sold out...for now

So my rants about work are done. I quit one job and took some time to write and think about what it is I want to do. I have to say that the thought of working for anyone or group of people was never something I cared for, unless it was a small group. I have found that small group of people and guess what, most are artists. I work with a bunch of artists and geeks so I can't complain.

It turns out going to work is not such a bad thing. I've always got along with my co-workers regardless my job. The big thing that is lacking in this job is what makes it so easy to go to, NO CUSTOMERS. Yes, every job has them and in a sense co-workers can be customers, but I don't have any direct dealing with customers.

So I don't like customers and trying to sell books can make that tough. When that day comes that I have to shift to selling more than anything else I'll suck it up, but until that day I will just enjoy going to work and not hearing/dealing with customer.

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