Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pre Tripping

    I decided to buy a new pack for the trip up the Blue Ridge. I've been looking for some time at the different style and sizes of packs out there. When I backpacked Europe I took an internal frame pack and was glad I did. The support was a back saver. Since then, when I travel, I have been using an old duffel bag I got free from a girl who worked the cosmetics counter at Dillards. The bag as out lived even its creators intentions. When duct tape can no longer hold something together it is time to give it up.
    Last few times I camped I used my dad's old sea bag. Plenty of room but no support. Its a great tough bag but I need something I can fit in the overhead on a plane. My new bag had to function well on short hikes for weekend camping (had to face facts that I would never do more than two days in the woods) I like the duffel style but wanted something I could throw over both shoulders.
    I searched several stores and settled on a North Face bag. I thought the bag was a little small but it was rugged and waterproof. I left with out buying, thinking I would just come back the next day. It was gone. I was bummed but then I found a Gregory pack laying on a shelf with no tag. I tracked down a sales associate and he led me to the right place.
    So far I have stuffed all the things I plan on bringing with me down to FL and they all fit. Along both sides of the top zipper is a thick padding for when you wear it like a back pack. I can fit a bed roll through the adjustable strap at the top. I will let you know how it worked on the trail once I get there.

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