Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I was writing that!

So as you can tell by this blog and if you have bothered to read any of the books I have written in the last three years you would know I am a Mike Hammer fan.  I have read eight Mike Hammer books. I love the guy, but this post is not about Mickey Spillane’s iconic character that spawned 1,000 imitations. No this is about a rumor there are people out there fooling with the idea of making a new Mike Hammermovie.

Now I’m both excited and pissed. Earlier I wrote about the new Parker movie coming out, Parker, and the mixed emotions I have on that one. The thing is, Mike is just something that should not be messed with. Unless the people working on this are diehard fans with Max A Collins overseeing it, Hammer will be ruined.  I say that because I was toying with the idea of writing a Mike Hammer script myself.
Truth is even if I had written one; I wouldn’t do anything with it. There are laws out there protecting material. Hearing this movie is being made just makes me feel like something I hold near will be pressed up against the glass for gawkers to blow hot air from their slack jaws. 

Out there someone is arguing it is good for Mike, for a new generation to find Hammer in his glorious vengeance filled hate squeezing rounds from his forty-five.  I just have a hard time sharing.

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