Saturday, November 7, 2015

New venture

   I know I have mentioned my condition, creative ADD. Yeah its a thing, if not it should be. I was talking with a fellow author/creator and totally got what I was saying. I start to write and BOOM I switch up and start writing something different. Anyway, that is not my point today.
   Today I want to write about an upcoming project that is actually getting under way. I have started other comic books in the past with out really getting anywhere. But now I think this one is going to stick. You may have read in previous post my short flash fiction piece, Someone Snitched. Well go back and read it. Then come back and finish reading this post.
    Good. You came back to finish reading this post. So check out the pics of the up coming comic. It should be out Spring of 2016.  
   Snitch will be,as you can see, a neo noir comic with limited color. I am very excited for this, as that is the genre I enjoy writing the most.

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