Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017....the year I publish something again...I hope.

      Yes, I am still writing. I have yet to publish anything in the last two years. Now 2017 is halfway over and things are busy. I am finally wrapping up projects I started as far back as 2014 and the light at the end of that dark tunnel is just a speck, but it is there. One of my bigger projects to be released will be Snitch.
      Snitch is a comic book I have been working on with artists, EF Bald and Bob Bald otherwise known as the Blad Bros. The Balds are super talented and so much fun to drink, I mean work with.
     The story of Snitch is one of revenge and death. The main character awakens covered in fresh scars over most of his body and missing his tongue. He has been stitched back together with no memory of who he was or why he was cut up. Brief glimpses into his past reveal he was cut up by nine men. Each man's face matches with a list of names in a note book. Before he kills a small time hood named Jarrod Killjoy, one of the men on his hit list, Killjoy reveals that he is the Snitch.  
    The Snitch can not control his need for revenge and continues, not knowing why, to kill the men on his list. As the body count grows the police and the mayor are involved. 
    Snitch has help. A prostitute named Cinnamon Child has become a self proclaimed "Agent of The Streets" (created by EF Bald). She sees how Snitch is cleaning things up. Through her own twisted moral inklings she helps Snitch. 
   All in all, I really enjoyed writing a comic book. The script process is similar to film. What makes it difficult is having to convey the story in one frame. Each page is several seconds to minutes of a film. Luckily I have EF and Bob with their twisted artist views of the world. They have managed to pull out of my "dumb words" a story that should be told. I just hope my dumb words can hold up to their art.

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