Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four Titles, one theme

     With the recent release of The Collectors, I now have four books available for sale. The easiest way to find them is at Amazon, but there are many other eBook retailers out there carrying my books. The Collectors is a neo-noir thriller about a pair of foster care brothers, John and Luis Solo, grown up and kicking ass. They work as collectors for legalized loan sharks in the gambling town of East Town. East Town as succumb to the all mighty dollar and sold their souls for a roulette wheel. The town has now gone to the casino owners and loan sharks that keep them in business. Easy money fast is never either. The brothers take an easy job for a lot of cash and wind up with a bounty on their heads. So goes life in East Town.

Looking back on my collected works (sarcastically) I do have a similar theme running in all four books. My first publication, Homecoming, is a novella that takes place on a spacecraft headed back to earth. As one reviewer put it, she liked the twist ending.

My next full novel, Division Six, is science fiction through a hard-boiled detective's eyes. Jack Hennesey needs a drink and a ray-gun. I had a lot of fun writing this book. The characters came to life with ease. I have notes on the next to novels, just not the time to write them. Some day.

The next book, The Trilon, came quickly with a plot similar to Division Six in that a detective is conscripted while on a space flight to Mars.

I have a new title coming out soon. Blood Oranges next in a line of detective stories I can't stop telling. This book actually started out as a Jack Hennessey short but later transformed into a less then sci-fi story of Chamberlain Cotton. The story takes place in the heart of Florida orange groves, Orlando in the 1950's. He is a hard drinker former bounty hunter and PI who sleeps on the couch in his office. When his only client is murdered, Cotton sobers up enough to go out guns blazing after the killers and peels back the blood orange.

So will my next book be a mystery in some way? Probably not unless I manage to knock out a sequel to one of the above books.

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