Sunday, October 7, 2012

Parker is back!!

So one of my all time favorite novel series is the Park novels written by Richard Stark, aka Donald Westlake. I think I've read about 8 books so far. Park is...well to me, he is identifiable. Maybe that is exposing a few deep seated problems or just simply saying a lot about myself. I don't want to break the character down here or analyze each book. Instead I'm sharing the trailer for the new Park movie, Parker. There have been a few movies based on Parker and his thieving exploits. I believe this to be the first time the name "Parker" is used. The last film being Payback with Mel Gibson. I thought that to be a good film mostly because in the opening credits I read it was based on a book. So I looked that book up and read it. Now I can't stop reading them.

Back to Parker the movie. I watched the trailer and it looks like the film is based on Flashfire. Parker does a job and the rest of the crew decide they can't pay Parker right away. They want to use the money towards another job. Well if there is one thing everyone should know about Parker is that nothing stands between him and his loot. There are no exceptions.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself if Statham can capture the Parker as we know him through Westlake. Either way they are getting my ten bucks.

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