Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Best of Arnold

So Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new movie out. "The Last Stand" where he plays a small town sheriff who is trying to protect his town as the bad guys roll through. Let me pause to tell you I am not going to review this movie, though I think the drawn poster is awesome. Instead I want to talk about my and your favorite Arnold films.
     I'm in my early thirties which means I grew up watching Arnold and the rest of the cast of Expendables kick ass on VHS I rented from BlockBuster every Friday night. Looking back I use the same filter we all do with Star Wars. (I'm sorry but you do) So which Arnold film do I think is best and lasted the tests of time? Well there is no doubt Terminator is one of the best science fiction movies ever. Its got all the great elements of time travel, robots, car chases and awesome 80's hair. But is this really a Schwarzenegger film?
     I sadly would not classify it as such. Arnold had what two lines in that whole movie. Of course those words are immortalized now (and I will not repeat them). Of the films Arnold stared in I would have to go with Predator.
     Predator is a great movie for a ten year old boy living on a USMC base in southern California. I spent countless weekends with my friends traipsing through the woods dressed in fatigues carrying packs and wooden rifles. We even painted our faces green. We were always on the look out for the Predator.
     No longer a Friday night movie, it does hold up on a Saturday afternoon.

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