Monday, February 25, 2013

Finding time to write

    I never thought I would have trouble finding time to write. I used to skim articles on cramming writing into your schedule and I used to scoff. I could not stop writing; at work, in the car, on my phone, at home, I wrote all the time. Writing was my schedule and everything else came second. I missed a lot of social events, not that I care.
    These days it is much different. I have teamed up with Forker Media and have taken on different tasks for them as well as started other projects. Now I sit and stare at a blinking cursor wondering and wandering. In the last few months I have written a short story that has since been rejected and I have started a new novel that I have not touched in six weeks. Also a screenplay was started and ended, I just need 100 pages of filler. Things get in the way.
    Recently I posted about my book signing. Everything went well but prep work for that needed to be done and a visit from my friend and co-author had us playing X-Box more than plotting the sequel to The Collectors.
    Writer's block? I don't know. I have plenty of unfinished manuscripts and short stories that need editing sitting in files on my computer. I have thoughts and notes on existing manuscripts that need to be entered and my car is littered with note pads and scribbled story ideas. I just can not sink my teeth into anything enough to block out the world and write.
   Most of my writing comes and goes in emails back and forth with cover artists, reviewers/interviewers and co-authors for scripts already written. I'm hungry, I can feel it in my brain, that craving to burn up a keyboard with my thoughts and bring life to new characters.

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